CMCS Camp 2010

In one word…Amazing!  We had a wonderful three days at camp.  I truly feel that our students experienced the Holy Spirit first hand.  There is no denying that the Lord was present with us in the mountains.  Pastor Sabo, Ryan, and Victor brought a message of deep reflection and according to Pastor Ryan, “soul inventory”.  They central theme of their message was “change”.  Focusing on the parable of the sower, they explained that we are not the seed, but the soil.  We need to take the initiative, as Christians, to take away the “rocks”, “weeds”, and everything else that would keep us from producing righteous fruit.  Pastor Sabo’s messages focused upon the overwhelming power that a seed contains.  Our faith is that of a mustard seed.  When put into practice, it can move mountains.  Prior to displacing mountains, we need to plant the seed of God’s Word deep inside of our hearts.  Pastor Ryan focused on the simple fact that we need to be the proper type of soil in order for that seed to grow and flourish.  In his words, we need to be “poopy-dirt”.  What does that mean?  We are “dirty” humans.  Our sinful nature is disgusting.  However, God will use our dirt to produce some of the most amazing fruit.  Think about it.  What’s the best type of soil?  That which has been combined with fertilizer.  If you’re a farmer, you understand.  On Thursday morning, Pastor Victor Marx brought his Cajun-style humor and spoke from the depths of his Cajun heart that ministered greatly to our students.  He talked about the different types of fruit that our students can look forward to, only if they change their ways, and give themselves over completely to the Lord.  They can teach the bible, draw others closer to the Lord, or just simply be a prayer warrior for those that need the Lord.  The possibilities are endless…with God, ALL things are possible.  And in the end, to see 15 of our students dedicate their lives to the Lord!  That brought tears to my eyes.

For those reading this, yes we are a Christian school.  However, that doesn’t mean that every student on our campus is a Christian.  Please keep our school, students, teachers, staff, and administration in your prayers.  The devil is always at work to destroy the work that God is doing.  Be our prayer warriors!  May the Lord bless you!!


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