Just keep swimming

I went to work this morning with a lot on my mind. Not necessarily heavy-hearted, but loaded with thoughts and concerns on this new venture that I am on. Very recently, I have jumped in to the deep end of the social networking pool. A new blog, facebook, twitter, and looking at many other tools that can be used to communicate with my school community, friends, and family. Here are a few of the more significant questions/thoughts/concerns that have been with me all day today and since I’ve been driving down this technology super highway:

How am I using this technology to further the kingdom of God?

Am I drawing closer to the Lord through these means of communication?

Are those who I am reaching going to be encouraged/uplifted by my use of this technology?

Yes, these are valuable tools for communication. Yes, one can reach out beyond the limits of their home, campus, city, or even state. But in the end, everything needs to be held against God’s Word and evaluated according to what HE wants for our life.

There are have been numerous shifts in society throughout time. These social networking tools are just the latest that are having a tremendous impact on our society. When I first joined Facebook, I allowed myself to get addicted. I became so self-involved. Once I updated my status, I was constantly looking to see if someone commented. When no one did, I let that bother me. So, I stepped away from the computer for a few months. I had to re-evaluate why I was using these tools. I started to take the approach that these tools were nothing more than a waste of time and energy. But that thought process changed, so I jumped back in to the pool. I started to view these tools as opportunities. A chance for me to continue to “teach”, even though I’m not in the classroom. A chance for me to develop friendships and colleagues that otherwise would have never existed. A chance for me to live out a commitment I made about 8 years ago (thoughts on that will come at another time).

In the end, will I be able to answer the above stated questions? It won’t depend upon time. It won’t depend upon anyone else. Those questions will be answered by my desire to see others draw closer to the Lord. What I say, what I express, and how others will read the emotion of the words I write will determine those answers. There’s responsibility in using these tools. My challenge to all that read this, do not take that responsibility lightly.

At this point, I’ve still got my technology “floaties” on…but at least I’m in the pool.

May the Lord bless you!

P.S. I completely endorse the randomness of my thoughts. That is where my brain decided to go today, so why fight it?


4 thoughts on “Just keep swimming

  1. Holly says:

    “Technological Floaties”…luv that thought! Me, too! Trying to make a decision as to what I need to do with all this technology. It is really overwhelming when you think how much time can be spent on all these websites, & then responding to all you read each day. I’m really not sure I would have handled this well when I was a teenager @ young adult. It would be all too consuming & I struggled enough with time management back then. I hope kids have a better hold on this than I would have! From what I see, everywhere I go, the cell phone has replaced awareness of things going on around you & made conversations obsolete. Is that a good thing?? There are definitely upsides to all this…I just think we need to be aware of our own needs, values, and passions, and ask ourselves…”Is God pleased with my use of His time?”


  2. Carrie says:

    I love your writing. You are so transparent and can put into words what I don’t even realize I am thinking until I read your posts! Love it.
    From someone who has been swimming in the deep end of the big technology pool for awhile, I can tell you that God uses these new fangled tools for His glory. By being as “real” as you can be online, people will see a difference and God will shine through anyone open to Him.
    Keep swimming Bro…you can take the floaties off soon!


  3. Matthew Farnum says:

    Hey Mr. Stevens,

    it’s good to hear your process,
    it’s good to hear your realization.

    I pray you keep letting God directs your steps, or guide your swimming, or whatever.

    The adventure is never over.


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