So much to say, yet nothing’s communicated

I am rapidly coming to the realization that this society we live in has so much to say, yet has nothing to communicate. Horace Mann said in 1840, “The ability to acquire and the ability to impart are wholly different talents.” There is an exorbitant amount of information that is fed to us each and every day. Information that we take in and don’t process, because there is no logical reason to let it “marinate”. This is happening so much that it is translating into not knowing how to communicate. For the love of some gentleman named Pete, people are starting to talk as they Tweet! People feel that if something can’t be stated in 140 characters, then it’s not worth saying. Beyond that, if they have to spend more than 140 characters of time to read or listen to what someone else is saying, then it’ s just not worth their time.

I recently came across a video of a poet named Ezekial. His poem entitled, “Silence is Deadly” touches on this concept from a biblical perspective. One of the things he mentions is that we live in a “generation of hush.” People are not willing to speak up for what they believe in. They’ll speak about what they like, or don’t like, but very little about what they believe in. Is it because their afraid of “offending” someone? I think so.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…” – Romans 1:16

This county was established upon the principle that everyone has the right to be “offended”. Don’t agree with me? That’s ok. But you need to be able to explain why. We live in a nation that has the word FREEDOM as it’s foundation. Freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom from oppression…or so it goes. Freedom does not mean that we are to live in perfect harmony. I beg anyone to tell me when that has ever happened in our history. In a free country, people are given the right to stand up and speak out for what they believe in. Do we shun Rosa Parks for her actions. Do we label her an antagonizer? A rebel? No, we study Rosa Parks for her willingness to do what was right, because it is something that she believed in. She is a hero. Were people “offended” by her actions? Of course!

I’m going to say something now that may “offend” you. So you can stop reading, or you can lend an ear. There is no such thing as being “offended”. It’s called CONVICTION. When you don’t like what others are saying, or what they stand for, it doesn’t “offend” you. You are convicted, either because you know they are right, or you are convicted that you should have done more to speak up for what you believe in! When you get convicted by someone or something, that doesn’t give you the right to cry and complain. It gives you the right to stand up for what you believe in! This nation has become so apathetic! America doesn’t stand for anything anymore, because we have become ultra sensitive to others feelings. You know what, you are going to be “offended” by politicians, activists, teachers, and preachers. How you respond to that conviction determines who you are. We need to stop the apathy! We need to be bold in who we are and what we believe in!


I deserve hell. I deserve nothing more than what God has prepared for those who live in darkness. But by God’s grace and love, I am set free! Therefore, I have been given the right to speak up for my faith. To quote the poet Ezekial, “If I’m not speaking Life into you, I’m killing you.” If I don’t speak up for what I believe, I am guilty of murder. If I don’t express to you the life that I have in Christ, and don’t give you the opportunity to experience that too, I’m guilty of standing in silence, as you slip away. I will not be quiet! I will not be a part of this silent society.


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