Look Outward

Why is it that we get so consumed in our self-righteous desires?! Why is it so difficult look at how we can serve others before we serve ourselves? Don’t you find joy at birthday’s, Christmas, or any other time we give presents to someone else? Is it not pure joy to see someone else find happiness in what you’ve done for them? You’ve given them something they can use. Something that will make their lives better. Why would we not want that internal feeling of satisfaction and joy all the time?!

Do we sometimes have the desire to have things done for us? Of course! When we are blessed, it feels good. The goal, rather, is to spend most of your time blessing others by serving them. Bringing joy and happiness into the lives of others is my goal. I am a Christian. Therefore, I will serve others, as Christ served. Jesus came, not to be served, but rather to serve. He eventually gave His life for us! The ultimate act of service. By His blood, I am healed.

Just my thoughts on this Saturday morning. God bless you!


One thought on “Look Outward

  1. banking offshore says:

    Imagine freeing up the thinking time we put into self-indulgence feeling guilty judging others to feel better by comparison and figuring out how to please our selfish desires and imagine spending that time on someone else..First you will need to remind yourself of your freedom in Christ because forgetting that is what gets us stuck in the first place.Then use that freed-up time to identify with what someone else is going through and plan how you can serve him or her..If being free to serve sounds like an oxymoron it s only because we have all become so used to being in bondage we can t imagine being free.But free to serve is what we were meant to be.It s how we become useful to God..Next time you catch yourself absorbed in you-know-who stop and think about what you can do for someone around you.Remember your freedom in Christ and spend it on others.Think about what their needs might be ask them if you don t know and serve them in love.


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