Snow Globe of Life

I’m here to apologize to anyone that was upset with me about my last post, “Decisions, Decisions”.  I left you all hanging with my answer to the big question of whether or not we were moving to Oregon.

My answer…

No.  We decided to stay put.  We did not come to this decision easily.  A lot of prayer and consideration went in to this decision.  As my dad always taught me, “put the pen to the paper”, and that is what we did.  In my last post, I tried to make very clear that we, in no way, were testing God in this process.  In fact, we felt as if our reliance upon Him has grown even stronger and stronger in this.  We’ve seen His Hand at work in our lives and it’s abundantly clear what He is doing in and through us.

At one point while Jess and I were discussing this potential move, she told me something that a dear friend and colleague of hers shared.  “Sometimes, God picks you up, shakes you around, and places you right back in the same place He had you.”  It seemed odd to me that God would do this, but as I pondered this  statement for awhile, it became very evident that He had done just that.  I envisioned a snow globe.  In life, we let ourselves settle down so much that we forget God’s Love, Grace, and Mercy all around us.  It is very necessary that God pick up our life, shake us up, and set us back down so that His Love, Grace, and Mercy can once again envelope us.  So much so, that no matter what direction we turn, where we go, or what we do, we see Him in all things.  I fully believe, with no doubt in my mind, that is what my Heavenly Father did for me and my family.

We are extremely blessed, happy, and content with where we are.  We are very excited to see what God is going to do in the next chapter of our lives.  To God be the glory, forever, and ever!  In the words of one of my favorite worship songs:

“How can I keep from singing Your praise.  How can I keep from shouting Your Name.  I know that I am loved by the King, and it makes my heart want to sing.”


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