What exactly are you doing?!

In light of my last post on the recent transition my family has made, a lot of people have asked, “What exactly are you doing?” 


If there is anything I’ve learned from God’s Word, it’s that we are never meant to be alone. Consider when Moses charged Joshua to go and defeat the Amalekites (Exodus 17:8-13). As Moses raised his arms, Israel was victorious. But Moses’ hands grew weary, so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it, while Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side. So his hands were steady until the going down of the sun” (v. 12). I love this story of community, even in less-than-desirable circumstances.  We need people on every side of us not only when times are good, but in moments of fear, anxiety, or hurt.  So allow me a moment to share how the Lord has been working, where He is leading, and how you can help to lift us up on every side.

I have made the transition in to full-time ministry, working for our church and for Student Venture!  With so many things to consider, we have been leaning that much more upon God’s Word to guide us and teach us what it means to truly have faith. On so many occasions during our marriage, God has shown us how He provides beyond our wildest dreams (here’s one example). In times of need and in times of plenty, He has shown us how we are to be completely dependent upon Him (Philippians 4:11-13).

As I continue to serve as the Children’s Director at our church, I have also joined the team over at Student Venture. Student Venture is the high school wing of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru). Serving the schools of southwest Riverside County, Student Venture has Christian clubs on the majority of the Middle and High School campuses in the area (Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Murrieta, and Temecula). Here is what is so awesome about the Lord leading in this direction. I can and will be able to use my 14 years of education experience! I will still be on school campuses, ministering to students and teachers. In this situation, I will be able to help bring the gospel message to the public school system. How cool is that?! I will be serving as the Murrieta City Director, overseeing the clubs for its 3 high schools and 4 middle schools, and specifically serving at one of the high schools and one of the middle schools.

Here’s how you can assist in this process. My position at the church will be for the moment, part-time. Therefore, we need to raise the other half of our financial need through partnerships with people just like you. Would you like to be a part of a movement to bring the gospel to those who need it more than ever?! Our students in public school are in a very difficult position. They are constantly under spiritual attack in a system and society that is increasingly hostile towards Christianity. My desire is to show them the love of Christ and give them a glimpse of the hope they have in Jesus.

In order to do that, I need your help. Along with personal financial assistance, we will need financial help to provide bibles to students who need one. We will be developing programs for students to be able to share the message of Jesus with their classmates, and even their teachers. We will be organizing student outreach and conferences so these youth can develop a fire for spreading the gospel, no matter where they go in life. True, the public school system does what they can to prepare these kids for success in life. However, our goal in Student Venture is to prepare them to live a life dedicated to Christ and the great commission of bringing eternal hope to the lost and needy.

Here’s a list of current programs and some in development:

Campus bible studies

Discipleship and Leadership Training

Campus outreach and service projects

Middle and High School outreach in the Southwest Riverside County (think Harvest Crusade for our local students)

Mission trips, both domestically and internationally

America’s Spiritual Heritage Journey; a study tour of the east coast with emphasis on America’s Christian heritage

Summer Bible Boot Camp

Before you make any decision to support us financially, please spend considerable time in prayer. Any financial commitment you make is a big one, no matter the dollar amount. Should the Lord lay it on your heart to give, your monthly contribution is tax-deductible.  Also, do you know someone who may want to share in this opportunity? Someone who may want to partner with us? Would you be wiling to share this post with them and/or provide us with a few names and their contact information?  You can use the Contact tab on the menu bar should you have further questions.

To the depths of our hearts, we can not thank you enough! Your prayer for the strength and success of this mission will be graciously accepted. We cannot do it without you. Your prayers and financial support means the world to us.  However, it could mean eternity to those we reach on these campuses!  Will you lift up our arms to help keep us from growing weary?

* To make a monthly, tax-deductible donation to our mission click here.

* If you’d like to receive our monthly newsletter, provide us your contact information by using the Contact tab.

Rak Chazak and may the Lord bless you!!


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