5 minutes inside eternity

I had to share this.  It wrecked me.  Not too many videos like this do, but this one did.  God forgive me for being timid, insecure, and withdrawn about sharing the Gospel!  Please share this on all your social media sites.  I don’t ask that often.  Either Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, etc.  Get this message out.  Whether you are an American Christian, or a Christian who happens to live in America (yes, there is a difference), allow this to wreck your heart.  Let it invade your comfort zone and shake the very foundation upon which you think you stand.

Rak Chazak and may the Lord bless you!


3 thoughts on “5 minutes inside eternity

  1. Holly says:

    Oh my, hadn’t taken a moment to listen to this after Dad posted it.

    Hard to sit here looking for a home to live in when you think of so many without a home or a shirt on their back!!

    All the little things we think we need, not to mention the things we want…and don’t think we can live without. Praying for a clearer vision of what God would have for us…how can we serve Him more?

    …this was powerful!


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