What is “Rak Chazak Amats”?

First of all, I do not claim the rights or development of this phrase.  I was introduced to this faith-based state-of-mind via YouTube.  A video was shared with me that contained this phrase that changed me: Rak Chazak Amats.  Eric Ludy of Ellerslie Ministries gave this speech at a graduation ceremony to his school in 2010.  To fully understand what this phrase means, please visit the following link, watch, and more importantly, listen to what is being said.

Eric Ludy – Ancient War Cry

When I first heard this, I was immediately affected.  I needed this passion in my life.  I needed this drive as a Christian.  I desired to make this my personal “war cry” every day in my life.  I am very well aware that there is a spiritual battle going on every day.  Before I walk out the door every day, I need to prepare my heart, mind, soul, and spiritual muscles.

I am to be a Warrior for Jesus Christ.  Yet, do I go in to battle unprepared, ill-equipped, and untrained.  Absolutely not!  Through my relationship with Jesus Christ, reading and studying His written Word, and standing upon His truth, I want to continue to be trained, empowered with His Spirit, and strengthened to do the work He has called me to do.  This is what Rak Chazak is to me, and through this blog, what I desire to share with the rest of the world.

* For more, visit my post I wrote when I decided to revamp my blog: Rak Chazak Amats!


3 thoughts on “What is “Rak Chazak Amats”?

  1. akismet-63e2ca2a673fb10452d4cbe2d006c9df says:

    Cameron- I love your post- I was a warrior once, then I became broken and could only lay at the feet of the One who could- and would make me whole. He is bringing back my battle cry and I pray for the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead to fill and empower His followers! Blessings to you! great to meet you- #bloggercaregroup


  2. Sharon says:

    I too have been changed and rallied with this WarCry. This is what we have been missing. I see andhear on the news the war cry of Islam..Alah Akbar. It’s very powerful and many cower under that war cry. It has terrorized our soul and paralyzed us with fear.

    I envision The Church, rising up against this evil with fists clenched, muscles tensed, teeth bared as we rush headlong into the battle without considering the impossibilities, screaming our war cry at the top of our lungs…. .. “RAK CHAZAK AMATS”. And like Jerico, their walls will crumble under the mighty power of our God, Who goes before us.


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